XD-BC104 Heavy Duty Brass Plumbing Irrigation Hose Bibcock

Short Description:

► Size: 1/2″×3/4″ 3/4″×1″

• Working Pressure: 0.6MPa

• Working Temperature: 0℃≤ t ≤ 82 ℃

• Applicable Medium: Water

• Double acme stem thread for faster on/off operation

• Threads Standard: IS0 228

Product Detail

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Body Cast Copper Or Bronze
Bonnet Cast Copper
Stem Cold-formed Copper Alloy
Seat Disc Buna-N
Seat Disc Screw Stainless Steel, Type 410
Packing Nut Brass
Packing Graphite Impregnated, Asbestos-Free
Handwheel Iron or Al
Handwheel Screw Carbon Steel – Clear Chromate Finish


• OUTDOOR HOSE NOZZLE: Bent nose garden valve is designed for irrigiation applications only, not intended for potable water;
• DURABLE: Exterior water spigot is constructed of heavy duty brass with a Iron/Al handle for extra strength and durability;
• VERSATILE: Outdoor water spigot is compatible with copper and galvanized pipe, and standard garden hoses with a 1/2 inch female hose thread connection;
• EASY TO INSTALL: Irrigation garden hose valve allows for easy installation, and is usable for both residential and commercial applications.

Introducing the XD-BC104 Heavy Duty Brass Pipe Irrigation Hose Faucet, the perfect outdoor accessory for all your irrigation needs. This durable and versatile hose nozzle is designed for irrigation applications only, not for potable water.

Constructed with a cast copper or bronze body and cast copper bonnet, this hose faucet is built to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting performance. The stem is made of cold-formed copper alloy for strength and durability.

This outdoor hose nozzle features an elbow design for easy and precise watering of your plants and garden. Exterior faucets are made of heavy-gauge brass for extra strength and durability. The iron/aluminum handle is designed for a comfortable grip and makes turning the water on and off a breeze.

This hose spigot is compatible with both copper and galvanized pipe, making it ideal for different irrigation setups. It also works with standard garden hoses with a 1/2-inch female connection, so you can easily connect it to your existing irrigation system.

Thanks to the design of the irrigation garden hose valve, installation is quick and easy. Simply connect the hose spigot to your desired water source and start watering your plants and garden with ease. The included seat disc is made of nitrile rubber (Buna-N) to ensure a tight and leak-free seal.

For added peace of mind, this hose tap also features a brass packing nut and a graphite impregnated filler that is asbestos free. The hand wheel is made of iron or aluminum for easy grip to turn the water on and off when needed. The handwheel screws are made of carbon steel with a clear chromate finish adding to the durability of the overall design.

In summary, the XD-BC104 Heavy Duty Brass Pipeline Irrigation Hose Faucet is a reliable and versatile outdoor hose nozzle for all your irrigation needs. With its durable construction, compatibility with different pipes and hoses, and easy installation, this hose spigot is the perfect addition to your outdoor watering system. Buy it today and enjoy easy, precise watering of your plants and garden.

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